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When I was creating the Namaste Away book/ movement /community, the word was a play on staying away, loving myself and letting go of the toxicity of negative influences to heal. Come to find out, the word Namaste means to do just that. The traditional meaning is: *All are one *The divine light in me, sees the divine light within you *See and honor the reality of others and where they are on their journey It is so much more than something done in the practice of yoga. In my he

2021 TIDES OF CHANGE: How to Let Go of the Fear of Change and BE YOU in 2021

Change is not easy, but is also not to be feared. I do not know about you, but I am still adjusting to the fact that it is now an entirely new year. Seems like just a blink ago that we were just enjoying the months of fall. And then suddenly it was the holidays and BOOM! NEW YEAR! This new year of 2021 added up=5 ... which symbolically ushers in change. The definition of change is to become or make different and to take or another instead. I think we can all agree that it is

NOW IS WOW: The Mantra of 2021 to Stop Surviving, Create Aliveness & THRIVE

This article is about the impact that self-love had on my journey from survival mode in face of toxic abuse and negative influences to creating aliveness and life that allows me to let go, love myself and THRIVE! I will share my 7 Steps to NOW IS WOW Formula that I created so that you too can stop surviving, create aliveness and THRIVE! In my THIS blog, I will share an example of how a Mantra worked for me: Namaste Away was the key to align with my own strength. It was throu


HOW TO LET GO OF EGO, BE LOVE AND THRIVE Hello! As we usher in the new year and everyone settles into begin creating the tortuous resolutions that seem to disappear faster than chickens scattering the coop from a fox, I thought I would share my wisdom on how to master your mind in 2021 to let go of ego, live in your heart feels and THRIVE! I want to invite you to think about creating a mantra for 2021. In this blog, I will talk about mantras versus resolutions. My personal ex

2020 The Great Ego Reckoning! How to Say Goodbye to The Ego and Be LOVE in 2021

2020 is going to go down in history as the The Great Ego Reckoning! Are you ready to learn how to Say Goodbye to The Ego and all the chaos and calamity it causes, step into your heart and Be LOVE in 2021? It is not as scary or hard as you think it is, and I am here to help. I have heard your pleas on social media of how to overcome the struggles of daily life, and as I have intimately experienced my own chaos of calamities, I could relate to the pain as well. I have relentles

From Blue To Feeling Brand New: How To Overcome Post-Holiday Blues Using The 5 Pillars of THRIVE!

Did you have a holiday that left you feeling blue and bloated, feeling like you were just over the entire holiday and 2020? Read on for several valuable tools to help you begin to banish the blues and feel brand new! Are you ready for a late gift and incredible free value to ring in the New Year? I have a an incredible gift for you. If you want to know how to banish the post holiday blues and bloat, read on for more valuable tools and resources to help you align and THRIVE as

Family: Just Another 'F' Word

FAMILY For many, family is just another F word, for many it’s twisted, convoluted and absurd, for many they don’t feel loved, wanted, understood or heard, for many the boundaries are unhealthy and lines of loyalty are blurred, for many its silent treatment, abuse and safety deferred, for many it’s been a life of shaken not stirred. Regardless of what they hoped and preferred, for many family is just another F word. For many the ego and all its owners

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