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The Divine Alignment Sage

Candice J. Frazier
Author, Speaker, Certified Master Transformation Coach, Alignment Strategist

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Candice J. Frazier

Founder and Author of Namaste Away & Thrive, Founder of EmBodyE Wellness & Zen Hikes and 22 Halo Project

After a heart attack at age 43 and multiple serious health issues, followed by a near fatal miss with death at age 46, Candice realized that something had to change. Paralyzed by old beliefs by fear, after having lived her whole life in the chaos of trauma, she had to learn how to rewire beliefs, set healthy boundaries with self and others to overcome codependency, learn the neuroscience of beliefs and habits as she discovered how accept, let go, forgive and how to unconditionally love herself.

Fascinated by the neuroscience of trauma and the brain her curiosity led her to discover the art of energy and how powerful the mind to body connection is and how spirituality, self-care and mindset play a role in wellness and aligned living.

A passionate and creative soul, her poems of self-discovery and a gift of creating art with her words to transmute her painful emotions instead of turning to suicide, into beauty and hope will move and inspire you to unconditional love yourself and let go of negative influences from people, things, habits and most importantly beliefs.

If you are you ready to feel FREE from negative influences and feel:


Then you need Namaste Away an Thrive!

Join the hashtag #BeLove movement and help her create harmony for humanity one aligned soul at a time.  

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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