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Release Negative Influences and Love Yourself

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Namaste Away & THRIVE

Working Towards a World Without Violence

Namaste Away & THRIVE is an organization that was born in order to provide a support system for victims of domestic violence or sexual assault. If you have a charge to report, either for yourself or on behalf of someone who is close to you, please get in touch immediately through our hotline. Don’t wait until tomorrow for the support you need today.

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Home: Welcome
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Helping People in Crisis

No one should have to face crisis alone, which is why Namaste Away & THRIVE opened its doors in 2020.

Our organization’s main mission is to support and serve the needs of people who are going through a personal crisis or mental and physical health issues, often caused by domestic abuse or sexual assault.

For more information, contact us today.

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Important FAQs

Things You Should Know

Who is this book for?

Anyone out of alignment with self/source which =  disease:
physically ill, codependent, trauma survivors, fixers, those struggling with addictions, struggling with eating disorders, struggling with low self-worth, struggling with controlling behaviors, dependent, in denial, obsession with the others behaviors, poor communication skills, lack of and/or poor boundaries, lack of/and or an inability to trust, anger and mood swings, sexual dysfunction, spiritually depleted, passive aggressiveness, isolating, secretiveness, suicidal, depressed, anxious, lack of motivation, family fallouts from toxic relationships, loyalty to abusers, increasing confusion of what to do to fix the negative experience.

This book will help you with these struggles:

Feeling lost, unhappy, uncertain, unhealthy, unloved, unwanted, and not connected to self or source. Also nutritionally, emotionally, and spiritually deficient and disconnected, very frustrated, in feeling of fear, doubt, lack, worry, hate, aggression, competition and compare and despair.

Looking for tools to understand what is happening, how to heal, how to forgive, find and feel peace, joy/happiness, gratitude/appreciation, trust and love again.

This is book will help you:

Understand how the body and mind work together to provide awareness of where one is in relation to their inner being and learn how to shift focus to changing the story while finding forgiveness and letting go of the negative influences that are blocking one's ability to thrive.

Learn how to create and implement a daily self-care plan of action to reconnect, nourish, establish empowered beliefs, and love yourself so you can live in an authentic, abundant an aligned life using the foundation of trauma as the revolution for your evolution.

The five pillars to Namaste Away and Thrive will help build your new vision and align powerfully with your health and wealth.

These tools will teach you how to transform and thrive by mastering your mind, honoring your body and soul.

Starving the ego and feeding your soul will release the negative influences so that you can thrive.  Namaste Away and Thrive will help you to chip away at the layers of protection created by trauma and controlled by ego. As you detox, align and return to self, the chaos and struggles of others fall away, as their energy no longer aligns with yours.

In alignment you will shine so bright, illuminating and releasing those negative influences and powerfully transform your life.  No longer will you have the need to rescue, fix and control everything and live an aligned life of freedom, love, and laughter as you EmBodyE Wellness and thrive in abundance.

When you use the five pillars to namaste away and thrive, you become the hero of your own story. All heroes are courageous and know that they must battle the darkness to win their freedom. This book is a blueprint to victory to help you reset the patterns from negative influences and move from survival and self-sabotage mode and write a story that is full of happiness Wellness and abundance as you namaste away and thrive.

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Our Mission

Namaste Away & Thrive was established in 2020 as a means of providing support to children, teenagers and adults who are going through periods of crisis.

We have developed specialized programs to help those at risk deal with traumatic experiences such as war, terror, abuse, and even natural disasters.

The Namaste Away and Thrive book is the answer to your prayers of how to release the toxic influences, (PEOPLE, PLACES, THINGS, BELIEFS, PAST TRAUMA), and love yourself.

Begin your healing journey today. 

Learn how to go no-contact and NAMASTE AWAY from TOXIC INFLUENCES.

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If you are in need of help,

please contact us as soon as you can.

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