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2020 The Great Ego Reckoning! How to Say Goodbye to The Ego and Be LOVE in 2021

2020 is going to go down in history as the The Great Ego Reckoning!

Are you ready to learn how to Say Goodbye to The Ego and all the chaos and calamity it causes, step into your heart and Be LOVE in 2021?

It is not as scary or hard as you think it is, and I am here to help.

I have heard your pleas on social media of how to overcome the struggles of daily life, and as I have intimately experienced my own chaos of calamities, I could relate to the pain as well.

I have relentlessly went in search of knowledge on the:







I have come to understand how to create a life that you want to live in, not run or escape from.

I have learned that when you use negative influences to cope with negative influences, you only create more chaos.

Part of my soul's mission is to be a messenger and communicator.

So it is no wonder that I have a burning passion and talent through my art to share this incredible knowledge that I have learned with humanity.


As we close out the roller-coaster ride of the year 2020, I was once again in gratitude and wanted to share the power of this gift called GRATITUDE and heart centered living to THRIVE.

This poem is about the stray cat that adopted me and gave me awareness to how I was rejecting love as well as a perspective of gratitude from what I felt like this cat was feeling.

Part of how I process my life is by writing. I also know the transformative power of gratitude, so I combined the two and I wrote this on a day that I was feeling sad and blue.

I dropped into the stillness and into my heart and just found the joy in the present moment.

As I sat watching him and wondering what he was thinking, I had an outpouring of gratitude that filled my heart will love and joy. Suddenly, like magic, I no longer was feeling sad and blue.

Huge epiphany that day!

I realized that I was living my life in many ways still in my own ego feels! And my ego was creating the false narrative and unpleasant feelings.

To look through life from your heart, truly is magical and the path to FREEDOM To THRIVE!

These are the words that came to my pen. Gratitude is such an amazing gift that is so underutilized. I hope this inspires you to find things in your life to be in heart feels versus ego feels in your life.

Gratitude from Sir Grey the Stray

Grateful for the food that is a certain as a sunrise and sunset

to nourish my cold body and keep my energy up to hunt the land.

Grateful for the thirst-quenching water you share from your supply.

Grateful for the warm house you share with me.

I feel loved, safe, and part of a family.

Grateful for the sanctuary of your kindness.

Grateful for the cuddles, and coos and I love you’s.

Grateful for the padding of my ragged for to make it soft and now regal,

no longer disheveled.

Thank you for the soft quiet gentleness of your presence and shared sweetness,

gratitude for your human kindness.

Not all been so nice.

Thank you for not thinking twice of being nice.

Grateful for the unconditional love you share.


Now once where he fought, not feeling worthy, he now surrenders into his long-sought desire of love.

He appeared one day from nowhere on my patio.

I could tell he needed some tender loving care,

but having no home and belonging nowhere,

I knew it was my abundance is what he was for me to share.

At first, he would swipe at me when I set food & water down,

This kitty found me ... he only wanted to be a part of, feel loved and safe.

He came to me in trust and blind faith,

Or was he sent as lesson and message of loves healing grace?

I know I could certainly relate to his luck of being without his own place,

So I set out to put a smile on his face.

But he was so traumatized he was struggling to allow his desire to transpire.

Now his transformation is something to admire.

Even this cats impaired beliefs I was able to rewire.

As he now is tamed, a part of and loved as he patrols his shire,

Now that he let go and trusted and allowed his dream to transpire.



Irony of this ... where I once sought out romantic partners like this ... I can now see remnants of my own trauma and transformation from a different perspective. I could see how I was being like the cat, untrusting of love because I had been so hurt by everyone who said they ‘loved’ me, including me!

You see, my own self-love and daily acts of self-care and beliefs rewire is what I had done to heal my own scaredy-cat, skeptical way.

I had to starve my ego and align with my soul so I could allow my heart to be opened to receive love from myself and therefore others.

That meant being vulnerable again. I doubted the gifts I was being given.

I was in self-sabotage mode.

I fought it. I ran. I froze.

And I moved, back and forth through all three responses, dancing and mingling with chaos and calamity, drunk on the ego and fear cocktail created in the fallout of trauma.

All are trauma responses. Just like Sir Grey the stray cat.

I can see that humanity’s trauma responses are just a symptom of not being loved and empowered from within.

To amplify that, we are then launched into this 3D reality of consciousness where we face down our ego and everyone else’s on daily basis.

Here is a thought:

We are born loving and we are taught hate.

Ego is created to keep you safe, yet keeps you locked in your mind self imposed prison.

I used to think that was the way life was supposed to be, that you did your best with what you have you SURVIVED.

But here is the lesson I have learned in my master transformation teachings and my own self-discovery:

... when we feel and live from our heart ... flows and everything is beautiful and treasured art.

This is where we come ALIVE, and then begin to CREATE a life of our soul's dreams and THRIVE!

So the ego makes things difficult for us, it is trying to keep us safe... but in actuality-it is starving us of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

Unconditional love is not and does not:

Ø Judge

Ø Compare

Ø Envy

Ø Compete

Ø Doubt

Ø Worry

Ø Fear

Ø Lack

Ø Lust

Ø Hate

Ø Exclude

Ø Hostility

Ø Shame

Ø Guilt

Ø Insecure

Ø Anxious

Ø Sad

Ø Angry

No conditions of ego feels.

Just heart feels.

Just #BeLove and to be in heart feels is:

Ø Gratitude

Ø Trust

Ø Joy

Ø Peace

Ø Wholeness

Ø Present

Ø Empowering

Ø Knowingness

Ø Inspiring

Ø Motivating

This is how we also express our LIFE.

So are you expressing EGO or HEART?

Are you like my stray kitty was?

Living from a place of reacting and not trusting?

Unable to allow love in because it has been so distorted before?

Anxious, uncertain, ashamed of where your life and even your physical and/or mental health has ended up?

Has this left you feeling angry at the world?

This is all contrast of awareness to help you see that you are indeed living in ego and not your heart.

The truth of life and the power of alignment is found in the HEART!

You do not have to own a religion to understand the principles of the sayings:

“God is you.”

“The divine is within.”

“God is in your heart.”

“The answers can be found in your heart.”

From a 5D awareness, it is NOTICEABLY clear to see the answer to life’s biggest struggle and question is UNITY with the LOVE WITHIN YOU that creates unconditional love.

We have been conditioned to live life looking through ego.

The Age of Aquarius is upon us and it is time for a new truth.

It is time to starve the ego and feed the soul.

You know what is starving for?


Are you giving that to yourself?

Or are you expecting that from another source for your happiness?

That my lovelies, is your damn ego holding your happiness hostage to feed its own agenda of CONTROL.

There is no control in Unconditional Love … only flow.

A constant flow of high vibrational heart feels, and it only can be generated, maintained, and sustained by each human being, absent of exterior influences.

However, due to the laws of the universe, in the face of negative influences, what we are surrounded by is what we absorb.

This is from the laws of energy and since we as humans are energy having an experience in the form of matter, aka our human body, we are influenced internally by the influences of our mind and environmental influences via our 5 senses.

This is from our food and fluid intake as well as our visual, auditory, and sensory exposure.

We are we eat and think, but we are only limited by the beliefs that create the experiences and habits that confirm for us then who we are being from what we are doing.

So ... ask yourself...are you being or doing?

Ego is doing.

Heart is being.

Everything is more pleasant flow when you stay in the energy of your heart feels flow.

Are you ready to say goodbye to ego?

2021 requires human beings to be ego free to elevate. The heavy energy of ego is not welcome there. You must become higher vibrational energy and that means you must starve, purge, and release the ego.

Are you ready to starve the ego and feed the heart and align with your soul?

If Sir Grey the cat and I can do it ... so can you. You must be willing to open your heart and put your ego’s claws away.

The 5 Pillars to Namaste Away and Thrive are exactly what you need to accomplish that goal. These 5 powerful Pillars to THRIVE are in my new book Namaste Away & THRIVE: Release Negative Influences and Love Yourself!

Are you ready to release negative influences?

Are you ready to lean in and love yourself?

Are you ready to THRIVE?


When you buy now, you will receive exclusive access to a FREE COPY for digital download on the day of release.

After that day, this incredible offer will disappear. Why would you let a blessing of a free extra copy that you can take with you everywhere you take your phone?

Tell your ego that you hear its fear, but it is peace, happiness, abundance, and wellness to THRIVE that you desire to appear, and that there is nothing to fear.

It is safe to unconditionally love, now and it is required in the New Year!

This is how I speak to my fear, aka EGO. I hope that it helps you place intention and quiet your ego as well.

I encourage you to sit with this new knowledge and seek awareness from within and then make a list of what you are noticing and then make a list of what you would like to notice more of.

Remember, it is far more pretty to look through the heart’s curiosity goggles rather than ego’s fearful judgment goggles.

I know I am going to be going deeper and releasing more things that no longer are for my highest good:

· Fear

· Worry

· Lack

· Competition

· Comparison

· Envy

· Despair

· Anxiety

· Sadness

And I will be embracing more:

· Stillness

· Nature

· Peace

· Joy

· Gratitude

· Wholeness

· Wisdom

· Love

Strive to live in alignment with these principles and you will live well. For in alignment, ego is no longer in control.

Remember that we are all

#DIVINE created from #LOVE

Because every act is act of love, or a cry for love.

Namaste ️

The Divine Alignment Sage

Candice J. Frazier

Let us Make 2021 be the year of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Are you in?

Join me in the #BeLove Movement and help create #harmonyforhumanity

Subscribe and share!

Let us give the heart what it wants and feel the DIVINE LOVE within and radiate from that powerful place of alignment.

Together we can heal and become our highest self, one divine aligned soul at a time.

But first we must BE LOVE to self and then it is ripples out in a harmonious fashion to the rest of humanity.


Namaste Away & THRIVE: Release Negative Influences and Love Yourself

and secure your FREE Digital Download Copy!

Have a happy and safe New Year! I want to invite you to think about creating a mantra for 2021.

In my next blog, I will talk about mantras versus resolutions and the how to of it all.

I will teach that transformation is best when we make a mantra not a resolution.

Ego needs resolution, whereas the heart breathes and sings the melodies that create the mantras of an aligned life.

Transformation is about the being, not the doing. Mantras are being. Resolutions are doing!

Look for Make Mantras, Not Resolutions in 2021 as your guide and life hack to master your mind in 2021 and let go of ego and THRIVE!


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Reach out to me and together we will RESET YOUR GROOVE! Write a new story, step out of the pain, let go and love you through your self-care as you create full body wellness!

Who is The Divine Alignment Sage aka Coach Candice?

A tenacious, passionate, empathetic, and creative soul who is on a mission to bring healing to humanity by teaching the motto, "Be Love", to create a happier, blissful world by helping soul's align to their true purpose and THRIVE.

She overcame limiting beliefs, codependency, lifelong traumas and loss, self-abuse, addictions, autoimmune illnesses, chronic pain/fibromyalgia and beat anxiety and depression when she let go of the ego and LOVED herself unconditionally.

This radical approach saved her life and was all through daily acts of kindness and radical self-love through intentional self-care and living an aligned life and fully present in the moment and loving herself unconditionally that helped her achieve alignment and recover from trauma.

*Founder & Owner of EmBodyE Wellness, Zen Hikes & Nature Adventures

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