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2021 TIDES OF CHANGE: How to Let Go of the Fear of Change and BE YOU in 2021

Change is not easy, but is also not to be feared.

I do not know about you, but I am still adjusting to the fact that it is now an entirely new year.

Seems like just a blink ago that we were just enjoying the months of fall. And then suddenly it was the holidays and BOOM! NEW YEAR!

This new year of 2021 added up=5 ... which symbolically ushers in change.

The definition of change is to become or make different and to take or another instead.

I think we can all agree that it is time for many to change the way they think and act.

2020 gave us clear vision on what needed to be changed.

2021 is giving us the clean slate to make it happen.

2021 is the time to master your mind and energy so that you can move from SURVIVE to THRIVE.

2020-2021 is known in astrology as ‘The Age of Aquarius’, and is said to bring the period of peace and harmony to the world.

After the chaos of 2020, harmony and peace is needed.

But many are still living in the feels of the ego-based consciousness and that is not where peace or harmony exist.

I think that as 2021 unfolds, we will see more of that old patterns begin to fall away.

The dense and toxic energy of ego is what keeps us stuck in lack and illness and the fear of unknown is the fuel feeds the resistance to change.

Which is why I say that we need to starve the ego and feed the soul as we embody heart feels energy of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. And this is going to require massive shift in awareness for many in order for there to be harmony for humanity.

That is why my foundation Harmony For Humanity will be positioned to bring forth the symposiums needed to elevate and expand those stuck in ego to heart. We have been living in a society that feeds the ego and starves the soul.

Is is time to do something different. Something GREAT!

The Age of Aquarius, I believe could not have come at better time in humanity to begin to flip this disempowered nation back on its feet.

The deeper purpose was to get us upright and fully seated in our own unique and powerful truth, looking through the lens of inclusion and liberation from greed, violence and tyranny.

To teach us to see the beauty in all things and loving equally and unconditionally.

These are necessary but difficult changes and will require some mindset shifts and releasing the fear of change.

I do not know about you, but I was not given the handbook on change, nor do I recall a classroom on this in any of my education growing up. This is where our problem lies, we are going through life without all the proper knowledge and then wonder why we struggle.

Added to that is the dynamic of change and how the brain is hard wired to resist it, even when it is something for our highest good.

The knowledge that I have found along the way has been a collection of many life experiences and from my relentless pursuit of knowledge to help me be my best self.

I want to leave a legacy that is something to be proud of for my family. I also want to be part of the solution and help others be their best self.

I have never been one to back down when things get a little tough. I would have never made it through my Air Force military training if that was the case. Was it easy, hell NO! But the entire experience was worth it. As has been the case with every difficult experience that at the onset I feared and fought, but at the end was grateful for as it was all happening for me.

All our experiences become the foundation that we can continue to build upon and use as tools not handcuffs.

My top mindset hacks to master habit change & healing from toxic abuse and let go of negative influences:

  1. Freedom starts the moment you realize you have the power to choose thoughts that feel better.

  2. Focus on the presence of what you desire, not the absence of it.

With this simple shift in can quiet that ego monkey mind and THRIVE.

· But you must desire to believe a new story is possible.

· Without that desire, you remain trapped in the storyline of being a victim.

· Your heart has the answers, if you get quiet, you can hear the truth guiding you.

· If it scares you, then that is a good sign you are on the right path.

· If you are struggling to make change happen, it is likely that in your in a survival state.

· Survival state has a positive intention of keeping you safe, but it stops you from thriving.

If you are questioning the status of your relationship health with:

· Your relationship with yourself

· Your relationship to your romantic partner, friends, and family members

· Your relationship with your nutritional intake

· Your relationship with your self-talk

· Your relationship with your beliefs

· Your relationship with your activity level

I have good news and bad news.

Can you guess what the positive intentions are that those messages hold for you?

Those messages are here to reveal to you where and what you are out alignment with.

Your inner guru trying to help you see what you are unable to accept.

It is hard to accept these truths because that means that you are going to change.

  • Change is uncomfortable.

  • Change is inevitable.

  • Change is essential for growth.

  • Change allows you to find your path and THRIVE.

Here is the catch, we do not thrive in toxic energy, but we can learn a lot about ourselves and others.

Knowing is the clarity that 2020 brought.

Thriving is the path 2021 brings.

To help you process the complex emotions of toxic abuse and negative experiences/influences ... I wrote a poetic flow:

Trust the divine plan. Lean in and let go.

Namaste = Release = THRIVE.

You are more powerful than you know,

and this is why they try to steal your glow.

When you are in yourself love flow,

You alchemize the toxic energy to help you grow.

While the ones that hurt you, watch from the back row,

With their own toxic wagon still in tow,

They are the catalyst to create your own self-love healing show!

But first, you must love you and let go.

My favorite verse was:

“While the ones that hurt you, watch from the back row,

With their own toxic wagon still in tow,”

And it is true:

They are the catalyst to create your own self-love healing show!

And this analogy can be applied to negative beliefs, habits and behaviors, not just negative/toxic people.

In closing, I have a loving message to share:

Journey home to the inner being who awaits your healing kiss with open arms of acceptance and unconditional love. ❤️

I know it may seem difficult to see the bigger picture of the WHY.

Once you begin focusing on taking care of your healing and happiness, the answers appear.

But not if you are looking through judgement goggles.

The experience is horrible, and I think we can all agree we would have rather done without it.

But that holds us stuck in the negative experience.

We must own its existence and then from there, we pick it apart and alchemize the lessons and grow from it.

Let them be the fertilizer. 💩

We will be the fruit. 🍋🍇🍎

Change is inevitable, and it is not always comfortable in the beginning, but with the right mindset and heart centered feels, you can get through even the toughest of transformations.

Just as transformations are a journey without a final destination, so are the ever-evolving tides of change.

Just keep your curiosity goggles on, Namaste Away from Negative Influences, Learn to Love Yourself and Thrive and show others how to #BeLove and enjoy the ride!

If you are ready to go deeper, my book Namaste Away and THRIVE is the guide that you need! It is packed with tools to help you to release the negative influences to allow space for self-exploration as you Namaste Away and THRIVE!

In this exploration, you will discover the buried treasure that you once sought in the influences outside of self.

You will accept the differences and then alchemize the pain of loss, betrayal, rejection, and lack as you chip away at the negative influences created by trauma and controlled by ego.

This will reveal the blueprint of your beliefs.

As you detox, align and return to self, the chaos and struggles of others will fall away as their energy is no longer in alignment with yours.

The intention of NAMASTE is alignment.

In alignment you will shine bright, illuminating and releasing negative influences and powerfully transform your life.

When you employ The Five Pillars of Transformation with the intention of ‘Namaste’, and stay away from negative influences, healing is a possibility, and you will become the hero of your own story.

No longer will you need to control everything, and you will feel happy, abundant, and THRIVE IN THE FREEDOM being YOU!

These Five Pillars of Transformation are also available in coaching packages.

Please connect with me to obtain more information.








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Reach out to me and together we will RESET YOUR GROOVE! Write a new story, step out of the pain, let go and love you through your self-care as you create full body wellness!

Who is The Divine Alignment Sage aka Coach Candice?

A tenacious, passionate, empathetic, and creative soul who is on a mission to bring healing to humanity by teaching the motto, "Be Love", to create a happier, blissful world by helping souls align to their true purpose and THRIVE.

She overcame limiting beliefs, codependency, lifelong traumas and loss, self-abuse, addictions, autoimmune illnesses, chronic pain/fibromyalgia and beat anxiety and depression when she let go of the ego and LOVED herself unconditionally.

This radical approach saved her life and was all through daily acts of kindness and radical self-love through intentional self-care and living an aligned life and fully present in the moment and loving herself unconditionally that helped her achieve alignment and recover from trauma.

*Founder & Owner of EmBodyE Wellness, Zen Hikes & Nature Adventures

*#BeLove Movement Pioneer

*Self-Love Alchemy Expert™️

*Certified Master Health/Life & Mindset Transformation Expert

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