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Escaping Geppetto's Whale ~~ LOVE FREE ALCHEMY How Self-love Saved My Life

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Just like this poem reads...

I was once just a shell.

I did indeed survive a harrowing tale,

nearly missing deaths call,

It was an angels hand that broke my fall.

And now here I am confident, happy, healthy and standing tall.

I no longer am held prisoner behind my own or another's toxic wall.

I love me and I have this powerful story to tell, now that I have escaped the whale,

Of how I fell in love with me and now I live a life that is THE dream fairy tale.

I could not have healed if I did not focus on all things swell,

Success came when I surrendered and forgave them for the induced hell,

Journaling the life that I desired, one full of love, feeling happy and well,

And now here I sit blogging from the dream I have built from the ashes of that hell.

I encourage you to journal and alchemize the pain and focus on your dream fairy tale.

It is ok, to relax and take that deep breathe of love and let the negative go on the exhale.

~Candice J. Frazier

This is complex healing journey.

You are not alone and there is hope and healing!

This journey I have been on has many layers to it, and many days where all I could do is nothing, and some days where I was like Wonder Woman on a gallon of coffee.

Some days all I could was cry, other days, I felt like I could not breathe from the pain of loss and rejection, while other days the sheer excitement of all that was coming took my breathe in equal measure and tears were ones of joy, gratitude and love.

Take time to nurture. Flow with the tides and allow your emotions to wax and wane like the moon does in her monthly transformation.

It is going to be ok. Focus on the good and things that make you feel like you.

If you have lost yourself in the chaos and fallout of negative influences, it is ok to not know who you are.

Take baby steps and get excited to rediscover and lay a new groove for the life that is waiting patiently each day for you to join in the fun.

If we get what we expect, make it be something incredible!

Trust that what you desire, desires you!

When we trust that all is working out in our favor, miracles find us.

In surrender to chaos, is courage and trust, which is love.

In love, is where all things thrive.

Just like the seed surrenders to the darkness, so shall we if we are to release the negative influence and thrive.

To Namaste Away and Thrive, is simply releasing the negative influences to allow space for self-exploration.

In this exploration, you will discover the buried treasure that you once sought in the influences outside of self.

You will accept the differences and then alchemize the pain of loss, betrayal, rejection, and lack as you chip away at the negative influences created by trauma and controlled by ego.

This will reveal the blueprint of your beliefs.

As you detox, align and return to self, the chaos and struggles of others will fall away as their energy is no longer in alignment with yours.

The intention of NAMASTE is alignment.

In alignment you will shine bright, illuminating and releasing negative influences and powerfully transform your life.

When you employ The Five Pillars of Transformation with the intention of ‘Namaste’, and stay away from negative influences, healing is a possibility, and you will become the hero of your own story.

No longer will you need to control everything, and you will create space to live an aligned life of freedom, love, and laughter.

With this blueprint, you release negative and toxic influences and are now able to EmBodyE Wellness and Namaste Away and Thrive!

Are ready ride your self love swell?

Order your copy today of Namaste Away & THRIVE: Release Toxic Influences and THRIVE!


Escaping Geppetto's Whale

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