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As we usher in the new year and everyone settles into begin creating the tortuous resolutions that seem to disappear faster than chickens scattering the coop from a fox, I thought I would share my wisdom on how to master your mind in 2021 to let go of ego, live in your heart feels and THRIVE!

I want to invite you to think about creating a mantra for 2021.

In this blog, I will talk about mantras versus resolutions.

My personal experience with mantras is what convinced me that transformation is best when we make a mantra, not a resolution.

Ego needs resolution, whereas the heart breathes and sings the melodies that create the mantras of an aligned life.

Transformation is about the being, not the doing. Mantras are being. Resolutions are doing!

If you want to THRIVE in 2021, it is time to Make Mantras, Not Resolutions! It is time to shift focus on who you are BEING, more than what you are or are not DOING.

This post will address:

What are resolutions? Why are they ego based?

What are mantras? Why are they heart based?

How do I let go of EGO?

How can I BE LOVE?

How does that help me THRIVE?


A resolution is firm decision, course of action or statement/claim to not do something anymore to solve a problem or struggle in one’s life. The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines is as, “the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict, problem, etc.”

According to the research I found, this tradition was said to have been started by the ancient Babylonians many thousands of years ago.

I feel like a resolution, in its very definition is often a negative tone and is difficult to adhere to and stay consistent with. It is forcing change rather than creating choices. It is literally saying that there is a “PROBLEM” as if we are wrong as humans as we learn or DO the who, what and how of being human.

Part of how we learn is by failure and conflict. It is in that very contrast of discomfort of the unwanted feelings that helps us to refine VERY clearly what feels good and what is in alignment with our soul’s purpose. But here is the catch, you cannot create an empowered feeling from the belief that you are a PROBLEM, CONFLICT, or something to be SOLVED.

Humans are as complex as our brains, but the basic principles of what you focus on is what you create more of is simple math.

The only true problem I have been able to single out, is how we think in the first damn place!

When you know the power of words, you can experience the journey as that of “human BEING, not a human DOING.”


Ego seeks to judge and control. Heart seeks to grow and flow.

I did not always have this knowledge, but I can see it now, and I am grateful that I finally found clarity and resources to shift and find success in mastering my mindset.

In my book Namaste Away and THRIVE, Release Negative Influences and Love Yourself, I dive deeper into ego feels and heart feels and how we create from our focus of thoughts and words expressed.

Mantras are remarkably like prayers; in that they are specific words or phrases to help you stay focused on a specific intention or outcome, the only difference is prayer is a hope or wish, or thanks, that is given as a solemn request to That Which is Greater, where a mantra is a statement of focus of one’s energy to CREATE a positive/uplifted mindset from within by repeating specific words.

While historically, mantras are said to have originated in Hindu and Buddhism and are derived from the Sanskrit words “mana’, which is mind; and “tra” which is tool.

So as a tool for the mind, you can how widely used this practice is by many individuals who seek to transform their experience.

Anyone can use mantras as a tool for the mind, not just Hindu or those who are Buddhists.

And in my heart, I do not feel that this is something that is to be confined to a religion of any type, I think this should be something all human beings’ practice and leave the division and labels at the door.


Check out this interesting article I found on mantras.


Additional Resource:

In my favorite book by Tanaaz Chubb, ‘My Pocket Mantras. Powerful Words to Connect, Comfort, and Protect’, a mantra is defined as, “short, rhythmic statements that use positive and uplifting words to create a positive and uplifting mindset.”

The benefits of mantras as Tanaaz outlines, are effective on mental, emotional, physical as well as the spiritual well-being of those who practice them. This book is worth your investment if you cannot find it at your local library.

I love books, so I have been building my collection of self-help books for several years now as I am always seeking ways to expand my awareness. Libraries are great, but they are not always open. When I was little, I could not get enough of the library and would drive my mom up the wall always wanting to go get more books because I would read mine so fast. I indulge my inner nerd with all the books she desires and creating a library in my home was the logical solution.

Mantras have been widely used for centuries, by anyone who was seeking to set intentions to help them during their healing and enlightenment journeys.

The very first time I heard of Mantras, was at the beginning of journey to awareness. At this time I was also during my training as a health and life coach and it is a principle that really was cemented in during the master transformation certification training that taught me all about the mind, beliefs, and how to shift from stuck to success.

At the beginning of those studies, I was still in the chaos and confusion of a very unhealthy and codependent relationship, as well as, battling multiple autoimmune and gastric illnesses. I was extremely sick, and the levels of stress were making it worse.

My cardiologist warned me that if things did not change, that I was going to suffer another heart attack.

I was given frightening news about the potential for another health issue to escalate to cancer. My life was falling apart in front my eye and I felt powerless.

Not only was the life I was living on the outside very toxic and negative, but so was the stream of thoughts that ran in my mind.

Like the reverse of mantras and resolutions, these thoughts were keeping the disempowered, victim, life is punishing me because I am not good enough mindset very firmly in play.

This was when I began getting really intrigued with the neuroscience of trauma, metaphysical connections behind the occurrence of disease from mindset and the law of attraction, and quantum physics.

Boy was I was in for quite a spiritual and conscious awakening, and it left my head spinning, even more so in that, at some points, I felt like I was reading a foreign language, yet something about it seemed to make absolute sense. I was hooked and it opened the Pandora’s Box to the all the goodness and magic of the power of the mind, the power of MANTRA’S, to lay a new track, for a new groove.

This is where I learned that mantras


*were more effective than resolutions

*what we think, is what we create

*state intentions and owns your power of NOW

*owns your desired state of FEELING

*is the focus that creates FREEDOM

*is the key to THRIVING

So as I figured out it was my focus of mindset and words that I was owning that were creating that misery I was in. So I decided to give it a shot. And I am so glad I did, it was yet another piece of the puzzle of my transformation and my life’s calling and soul’s purpose of liberating others from their ego.

This is where I created my very first mantra, and I still have it written on my board from January 1, 2018…

“No Fear, Self-Love Pioneer”.

As you can see, I also have written on there,

“I wonder…? NOT, Why is happening TO ME, but rather, Why is this happening FOR ME?" Take back the power, removes from victim role."

Once I accepted and owned my accountability, is when things began to shift.

We can not let go of what we do not accept. This is the same principle with unwanted weight, relationships and especially our negative, ego thought patterns. This mantra helps to acknowledge that no matter what comes your way, you are capable of navigating through it with the belief of everything happens for you, not to you.

Radical and tough, but necessary pill to swallow, in the arena of mindset mastery.

And that mantra helped me get through many illnesses, another heart attack scare and then the assault and unraveling of my decade long relationship and marriage and family fallout that followed. A marriage that I was certain would last until death do we part and a family that I never in a million years thought would abandon me in my darkest and uncertain moments when I needed them most.

No fear, self-love pioneer became my saving grace and my resolve to get through the most difficult nights and draining days when I felt all alone and terrified of what was coming next to tear me down.

That mantra led me to seek more mantras and ways to reset the groove of ego feels into heart feels.


This is important to note. This is complex, but also simple.

The complexity is in that your ego is firmly set-in control your life mode to keep you safe.

The simplicity is that your heart is designed to simply BE LOVE because the Divine is within you.

Meaning, that to let go of the ego and be love, only requires the focus of attention of what you feel.

Stay in the groove of the heart centered feels:

· Gratitude

· Trust

· Joy

· Peace

· Wholeness

· Present

· Empowering

· Knowingness

· Inspiring

· Motivating

· Care for all that exists

Liberate your mind from the groove of ego feels:

· Judgement

· Comparison

· Envy

· Competition

· Doubt

· Worry

· Fear

· Lack

· Lust

· Hate

· Excluding

· Hostility

· Shame

· Guilt

· Insecure

· Anxious

· Sad

· Angry


The beauty of this story is that my NO FEAR, SELF-LOVE PIONEER mantra was exactly what I needed to understand how to embody positive energy to overcome the negative influences and hard times and being to thrive


It helped me embrace the unlimited possibilities that are available for us to create when we are in the positive energy of empowered thinkers from our heart feels and not in negative energy of judgement and ego feels.

That mantra was beginning of the end for the old story and helped me navigate the turbulent waters at the beginning of the sinking ship of my old life.

With the intention of that mantra, it became the life preserver that helped me stay afloat while I found solid ground in my self-love alchemy, facing fear, and finding ways to love myself when it felt like no one loved me or was there for me.

It supported me through all of 2018, into 2019 when I was faced with another layer of uncomfortability coming up for me process and alchemize with my self-love in the face of healing from co-dependency and the lasting effects of trauma, abuse, and negative influences.

To this day, the NO FEAR, SELF-LOVE PIONEER mantra will pop into my mind whenever I find myself in a place of feeling fearful, uncertain.

While, I no longer feel unworthy of love, at that point in my life, it was something I battled daily, and with the comfort of the mantra “no fear, self-love pioneer”, I was always able to adapt and conquer the negative influence of the ego feels.

In closing, I hope that this information helps you to liberate the ego and become a no fear, self-love pioneer too.

You are indeed worthy being drenched in your own sweet self-love healing energy and that in many ways will banish the feelings of fear and uncertainty.

Self-love is the cure. THE END!



Look for the next blog post on MY NOW IS WOW: How Acceptance is Your Path to Bliss and Freedom. I will share more of my own testimony to the power of Mantras and your next guide to starve the ego and feed your soul 2021 so that you THRIVE!

In my next blog, I will share an example of how Mantras worked for me to finally release fears stronghold and let go of what was no longer working and create my “ALL IS WELL, NOW IS WOW” life!

It is the story that Namaste Away was born from and will give you hope that mantras can shift your life and elevate you from your ego feels emotions.

The day I began to do this, everything that was a struggle began shifting into success. I have never made a resolution since.

I boldly began to step in to te energy, frequency, and vibration of:

I AM THRIVING’, by simply repeating the, ‘MY NOW IS WOW’, mantra!

It was a powerful and experience that shifted me from depths of anxiety, depression, and suicidal despair to hope, healing, happiness and THRIVING as I began to embrace the power of the heart feels emotions energy to transform my mindset.


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