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Sayonara Ego Survival Mode! How to Open Your Heart, Smile & Activate THRIVE Mode!

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Use your smile to change the world, don’t let the world change your smile.

Photo: February 2021 vs February 2019.

A smile is our greatest asset and illustration of human beings to relay or even hide emotion.

Like many of us, in just this last year alone, our smiles have been greatly affected, but humans are a resilient bunch.

I know for me, my faith, resilience and tenacity was constantly tested.

Many things have unraveled, been revealed and released since then from the ego feels mode:

=Broke codependent patterns.

=Stopped people pleasing.

=Stopped seeking outside validation.

=Divorce was finalized.

=Processed the grief & loss of family.

=Battled my broken amygdala & suicidal thoughts.

=Stopped being negative to my inner being.

=Let go of negative beliefs, people and habits.

=Got out of my ego/head into my heart.

=Began honoring my yes & no.

=Releasing attachments.

=Embraced solitude and healed fear of being alone.

=Surrender to fear & Speak up for my *needs.

(*I’m facing the diagnosis of early thyroid cancer and ‘multiple 4R moderately suspicious modules’.) Due to our broken healthcare system for veterans, I am still in process of fighting to get this further evaluated, but the changes in the cells have progressed significantly from 2 years ago.

It’s absolutely irony that once I decide my life is worth living, that my body is showing me where I am at, or rather was at, emotionally.


In my understanding of the mind to body connections, the link of stress and disease is significant, especially cancer. And the heart feels energy of smiling is high vibrations, unlike the heavy dense ego feels energy of frowns and fear.

In the art of energy, cancer is energetically tied to being a state of deep hurt, having a long-standing resentment or deep secret eating away the self and believing that there is ‘no use in trying’. And the throat area is the portal to our self expression.

For me, underneath that smile, was indeed, a subconscious program running the energy of all that:

Grief/Loss, deep hurt, resentments, secrets and feelings of “why bother trying because ...x,y,z...” and an entire conversation about my own sense of having and belonging.


Despite the outer evidence of loss, rejection and abandonment and health issues ...still I smile, because it is my healing medicine.

Holding to the revised beliefs/truths of: ‘rejection is divine protection’, & ‘you’re not being left out, you’re being left alone’ is what eases the ego feels of rejection/abandonment graciously back into heart feels of gratitude and trust.

Which makes me smile. And SMILING puts me BACK in my heart feels and away from the negative energy of ego feels.

See how that reset of feels works?


Like many of us, some days my smile is big, and some days, not so much, and that is perfectly ok.

I’m healing and expanding, releasing and resetting my groove.

When I find things to smile about, knowing that everything is happening for me, it empowers me from victim to conscious awareness of who I am being and that it’s a necessary part of the revolution to my souls evolution. And who knows, these experiences could be part of the bigger why that I became an advocate for others.

I know that I am not alone in the fight, and I know many suffer silently, all alone with no hope or understanding of why or what is happening, lost in the flood of tears.

Be like the Buddha in the photo above: Don’t fight it, just let go and be in the flow.

Tears may fall, but they are not forever.

They are releasing the negative ego feels emotions that can create disease and keep the negative groove open and active, calling in more negative influences to be experienced.

As tears fall, they are honoring and acknowledging the pain and giving it a voice to be expressed outwardly, making space for new energy.

The power of a smile, (and tears), can transform the energy underneath from the wounds of ego feels emotions, into the experience of liberation and healing through the heart feels emotions.

A smile, can light your way in the darkness of the disillusionment and loss that you’re experiencing.

A smile, is your life force expressing its existence and excitement in this physical world. Own it! You have a right to exist and need and be loved in this world!

If you aren’t smiling, ask your inner being what would need to change for you to smile that big cheesy grin that says “I’m happy”?

Maybe it’s a day of binge tv viewing and chill, or day in nature, a day crafting and dancing, or quality time with friends who make you laugh, taking a long hot bubble bath or maybe it’s doing nothing.

Either way .. just authentically be you, be free, #BeLove & no matter what ... SMILE!

And for your body and minds wellbeing ...

#LetGoOfEgo ..

Remember, in the bigger picture, despite what our ego is whispering, everything always works out for our highest good, especially in the hardest of times.

Reset, revel in change, surrender and enjoy the flow as you grow.

A life lived through ego: is a life of survive.

A life lived through heart: is a life of thrive.

Remember when trying to stay in the heart feels, unresolved trauma will keep deploying ego to keep you safe. The underlying problem can be reset. So let the sunset on the struggle of survive, let go of ego feels, as you rise to a new day and THRIVE!!

Want to know how to reset your groove or get more valuable and inspirational content?

Go to Amazon and Grab a copy of my book:

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Also, check out my podcast for more valuable content on how to master your mind, honor your body and align with your souls purpose!









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Reach out to me and together we will RESET YOUR GROOVE! Write a new story, step out of the pain, let go and love you through your self care as you create full body wellness!

Who is Coach Candice?

She is a tenacious, passionate, empathetic and creative soul who is on a mission to bring healing to humanity to create a happier, blissful world.

She overcame limiting beliefs, codependency, lifelong traumas and loss, self abuse, addictions, autoimmune illnesses, chronic pain/fibromyalgia and beat anxiety and depression all through daily acts of kindness and radical self love through intentional self care and living fully present in the moment.

*Self Love Alchemy Expert™️

*Certified Master Health/Life & Mindset Transformation Expert

*Life Skills Competency Educator

*Certified Medical Assistant

*Motivational Speaker & Author


Mind Diet, Balanced Bliss, and Kick Sugar Cravings, PTSD & Trauma Recovery Talks/Workshops

*Founder of Harmony For Nonprofit & * (coming 2021)

*Creator of the:

Mind Diet Program, 8 Self-Love Gateways, 7 Steps to Now is Formula, 12 Steps to Freedom Addiction & Codependency, Balanced Bliss

*Global Like Skills Ambassador

Global Presence Life Skills Ambassador @ Parenting 2.0

*Women’s Empowerment Coach

*Founder & Owner of EmBodyE Wellness & Zen Hikes

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