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The Sacredness of Being Human: How to Create Inner Peace & Embrace Yourself in Unconditional Love.

There are no mistakes in creation ... only contrast of what our ego is telling us and what is unconditional love. All designed to provide awareness of where the focus lies.

The saying: ‘where focus goes, energy flows’, is something I’ve experienced to be true. The result, is that in times of positive or negative focus, whatever one is given focus to, this is what you will magnetize from and attract more of.

The mastery comes when you realize that looking through the positive lens of of the heart is in your control. Outside influences can only become inside influences if your focus is through the lens of ego, not the heart.

Really makes you think and is radical shift in our usual processes how we see the cause and effect of everything.

The moment I began to look through the heart

lens and not ego lens is when I began to see progress in everything I did.

From weight loss to letting go of toxic and negative influences.

With this awareness, we can see that the positive intention of the old wounds that we bury deep, hide behind food and other substances, those are actually great access points to begin to look at self through the eyes of self-love, which is heart not ego.

Wounds are the path to your soul, your truth, your self-love and light within. Wounds are teachers.

I can now embrace wounds as an invitation to transform my reaction of emotions from ego feels to heart feels.

Beginning to be curious about who I was believing myself to be was the turning point in transformation from surviving to thriving.

Our story we believe to be true about ourselves is creating experiences to confirm that belief.

For example:

Weight loss and dieting: until I believed that I was lovable, worthy, and that I mattered, I would have the experience of not being able to let go of the excess weight.

I would eat good for awhile and then find excuses to have this little cheat here and there and eventually back to old habits and diet ditched. It seemed to be that always right before my SUCCESS would come... there would SABOTAGE to ensure that I failed... yet again.

Which ironically became the “see, your mom was right, you can’t do anything right, you’re an idiot, you’re a fat lazy mistake.”

Which, also ironically, drives you to self medicate more, beat yourself up, and therefore add more stress to the situation.

It begins to be a “why bother trying, I’m going to fail anyway“, scenario.

Sound familiar??

Why Is This Happening?

The weight becomes an emotional blanket of sorts to protect, and also repel. But also to provide feedback of what our running thought pattern is.

As we look to energy of beliefs and emotions...being overweight is a sign of not being at peace with your inner being. (This is absent the usual suspects of nutrition, stress-which drastically disrupts hormones & digestive system, physical activity levels, as those are key factors to the unwanted weight as well.

I’ve been toying with the idea that if the mind and body are so intrinsically connected, wouldn’t the beliefs of impaired worthiness also tell the body to not operate properly, in order to then send the signal to brain to communicate to our awareness that we are not in alignment with our divine being that is infinite and peace?

I see this as cause and effect and definitely misaligned thinking and being.

Thinking you are a mistake, not loved, a part of or safe will certainly create an internal battle. Because thinking your are a mistake is a absolute lie, it will not settle well, and have your inner being at a state of dis-ease not peace.

This experience is also a sign that we are not facing feelings, that we are in a struggle with insecurity and while we seek fulfillment, we are actually are living in the land of self-rejection.

You see, if the underlying belief is impaired, the outer experience will reflect that back to show where you are out of alignment. This is where you can now access the beliefs and shift them.

Shift happens when we shift beliefs.

My new belief I began to embody was this:


  • I am safe.

  • I am at peace with my feelings.

  • I create my own security & happiness.

  • I love, appreciate & approve of myself.

  • I am worthy.


As I fed my mind this new and empowered Mind Diet™, the weight began to release, and the outer experience and inner beliefs were powerfully aligned.

Peace and happiness are possible for all of us. But only if we have the proper blueprint to build upon.

•You are not broken.

•You are NOT a mistake.

•You are not alone.

•You are not a failure.

•You are not ugly or fat.

Those are all labels of ego feels.

Release labels and embrace unconditional love.

With every pain and struggle, like the seed under the pressure of the dark soil, an opportunity is given to us as the strength to erupt through and greet life. And therefore, so are you, as you break through the old beliefs and journey your way out of the unwanted experiences and into the life and body that are desired.

•You are an infinite being having a human experience.

•You are a masterpiece of perfection.

•You are sacred.

•You are loved.



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Reach out to me and together we will RESET YOUR GROOVE! I will guide you to write a new story, step out of the pain, let go and love you through your self care as you create full body wellness!

Who is Coach Candice?

She is a tenacious, passionate, empathetic and creative soul who is on a mission to bring healing to humanity to create a happier, blissful world.

She overcame limiting beliefs, codependency, lifelong traumas and loss, self abuse, addictions, autoimmune illnesses, chronic pain/fibromyalgia and beat anxiety and depression all through daily acts of kindness and radical self love through intentional self care and living fully present in the moment.

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