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Namaste Away and Thrive: Release Negative Influences and Love Yourself

Namaste Away and Thrive: Release Negative Influences and Love Yourself

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Namaste Away & Thrive. Release Negative Influences & THRIVE


  • Do you feel out of alignment with yourself?
  • Are you suffering from disease, past traumas, addictions, eating disorders, low self-worth or other issues and behaviors that keep you from feeling like you’re living the best life you could?

When we feel lost, unhappy, uncertain, or unloved, we get stuck living in fear, doubt, and lack.


Author Candice J. Frazier knows that dark place well.


Once paralyzed by old beliefs and fear, after living her whole life in the chaos of trauma, she had to learn how to rewire beliefs, set healthy boundaries with herself and others to overcome
codependency, and discover how to accept, let go, forgive, and unconditionally love herself.

Fascinated by the neuroscience of trauma and the brain, her curiosity led her to discover the art of energy, how powerful the mind-to-body connection is, and how spirituality, self-care, and mindset play a role in wellness and aligned living.

From her research, she created tools that helped her recover from past traumas, heal, and thrive.

Namaste Away and Thrive includes Candice’s tools to understand what is happening; how to heal, forgive, and find peace, joy, happiness; and how to trust and love again.

And her poems of self-discovery that helped her channel her painful emotions into beauty and hope instead of self-harm will move and inspire you to unconditionally love yourself and let go of negative influences from people, things, habits, and beliefs.

If you want to understand how the body and mind work together …

If you want to learn how to shift your focus from past traumas to changing your story …

If you want to find forgiveness and let go of the negative influences that are blocking your ability to thrive …
Then you need Namaste Away and Thrive.

Learn how to live an authentic, abundant, and aligned life using the foundation of trauma as the revolution for your evolution.


Build your new vision, and align powerfully with your health and wealth.

Become the hero of your own story.


Life is not meant to be survived.

It was meant to be a place to THRIVE.



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Tentative Release Dates:

Kindle EBook available on Amazon on 01/10/2021

Paperbook Release on Amazon January 12, 2021


    paperback book

    6" x 9 " 


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